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  The backgound information regarding this newly filed lawsuit was published in the Huffington Post in an article written by Forum co-chair Tom Carpenter in June of this year. Many members of the Forum joined over one hundred national religious leaders in signing a Statement of Principle supporting the appointment of humanist military chaplains. In […]

A leading, Christian conservative endorsing agency for military chaplains has issued educational standards for their chaplain candidates rendering Master of Divinity degrees from Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University ineligible for endorsement. This bold and uncompromising action highlights the critical need for all military chaplains to possess solid graduate education, cultural competency, and clinical training. Liberty […]

The House Armed Services Personnel Subcommittee will be holding a hearing on September 19, 2014 to address the current status of religious liberty and accommodation within the military. The Forum was asked to make comments to be included in the record. The Forum provided a letter  to the committee which addressed two separate issues.  The first […]

A group of distinquished law professors has written the President requesting no religious exemption be included in an executive order he will be issuing on nondiscrimination for LGBT employees for government contractors. This letter was prompted by a letter written, after the Hobby Lobby decision, by a group of conservative religious leaders requesting such an exemption. […]

In what is likely an unconstitutional and illegal decision, the Chief of Navy Chaplains rejected the application of Jason Heap. This hard hitting article  in the Huffington Post written by Forum co-chair, Tom Carpenter, sets forth both the legal and moral grounds for this conclusion.    

We are pleased to publish our report on the “Pathways to Military Chaplaincy” Conference, held March 20-21, 2014 at Brite Divinity School in Fort Worth, Texas and sponsored by the Forum. This  paper is reflective of the values and vision of the Forum, and is the  outcome of the many years Forum members have invested […]

The Forum wrote the Secretary of Defense in support of the establishment of a Humanist endorser as well as the creation of humanist chaplain positions within the Military Chaplaincy. The Forum was supported by both religious and humanist leaders from around the world and provided the SECDEF with a statement of principle signed by these leaders. The […]

FinallettertoHagelre-NAMB1.0-6 is a letter sent to Secretary Hagel regarding the “guidelines” promulgated by the North American Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention restricting the chaplains it endorsed from providing care to LGB service members and their families. The Assistant SECDEF  responded to the letter on behalf of the SecDef.

This ChaplainsCurriculum1 was presented to the Pentagon’s Comprehensive Review Working Group with at recommendation it be forwarded to the Chiefs of Chaplains for consideration and a recommendation that such a training program be implemented at the Chaplains’ School. To date, the Forum has received no response to this recommendation from any source.

The VeteransPerspective on impact of the repeal of DADT on the force was presented to the Pentagon’s Comprehensive Review Working Group and leaders of Congress. This document answers the concerns of those who were opposed to the repeal of DADT. It provided compelling evidence that repeal could be implemented with little or no impact on unit morale, […]

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“Pathways to Military Chaplaincy” Report

“Pathways to Military Chaplaincy” Report

The Forum on the Military Chaplaincy provided leadership for a consultation entitled “Pathways to Military Chaplaincy” held at Boston University School of Theology April 8-9, 2016. We are pleased to provide the summary and report from that very successful consultation.

DoD publishes new faith and belief codes

DoD publishes new faith and belief codes

This is a very important document for a number of reasons. It now recognizes many additional faith and belief groups including Humanists, Atheists, Agnostics, Pagans, Shamans,  etc.   Faith-and-Belief-Codes-for-Reporting-Personnel-Data-of-Service-Members

DoD Lifts Ban on Transgender Service.

DoD Lifts Ban on Transgender Service.

The Department of Defense has lifted the long standing ban on service by transgender citizens. This has been a thoroughly researched and vetted decision. The Department has issued both a press release and a memo on the new policy.