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From: Kitson, Jennifer A RPC OPNAV, N097, N097

To: Numerous confidential addressees

Sent: Tue, Mar 10, 2015 10:02 am

Subject: Message from the Chief of Navy Chaplains’ Office regarding recent media coverage on religious freedom and Navy chaplains




The message below is sent on behalf of CAPT Parisi.




Kits on


RPC(SW) Jennifer Kitson

Office of the Chief of Chaplains


Support Chief

RM 5E270







Morning Endorsers,


Many of you may have seen the below story on Fox News




know the Chief of Chaplains’ office intends to stay engaged on this matter and

an investigation is underway.


Your Navy places a high value on the rights of

its chaplains to be able to provide religious ministry according to the tenets

of their faith and at the same time expects chaplains to treat everyone with

dignity and respect, regardless of religious beliefs.


As you can imagine,

there is more to the story than what is being reported, and we will keep you

informed as more details become available.


Thanks for your support of the

Navy Chaplain Corps.




Michael J. Parisi

Captain, Chaplain

Corps, U.S. Navy

Executive Assistant to the Chief of Chaplains


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